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Customised Empty Paper Bag For Kids Goodie Bags

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Empty Paper Bags / Goodie Bags / Gift Bags are perfect for your party favor needs! Whether you're planning a birthday bash, a school event, or a special celebration for kids, these bags are designed to make your party packs and children's gift bags a breeze to assemble.


Key Features:

  • Includes 1 empty kraft paper bag with customized sticker already applied
  • Convenient sizes ideal for holding a variety of party favors and goodies
  • Versatile uses: perfect for children's parties, weddings, baby showers, and other special events
  • Made from white kraft paper (150gsm) for durability
  • Sticker design on one side of the bag only


Comes in 3 sizes (outer dimension approx.):

  • 21cm * 15cm + 8cm
  • 27cm * 21cm + 11cm
  • 31cm * 15cm + 8cm


Make your party memorable and stress-free with our Empty Paper Goodie Bags with Custom Sticker. Get ready to create delightful party favors, party packs, and children's gift bags that will leave a lasting impression on your young guests.

*All goodie bag orders require a minimum order of 5 quantities (mix and match).