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$2 Party Pack - Sensory Play Air Dough Set

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Our convenient Sensory Play Air Dough Set Party Packs is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to add a touch of creativity and adventure to their child's birthday celebration! With these carefully curated party packs, you'll effortlessly transform your child's special day into an unforgettable, hands-on experience.


What's Inside: 

  • 3 x Air Dough Tubs: All of our air doughs are lovingly handcrafted with little hands in mind, providing the perfect platform for creative, tactile and sensorial learning, whilst providing hours of creative play.
  • 1 x Cookie Cutter: Additional tool to help the little ones mold the Air Dough into delightful shapes, adding an extra element of fun to the creative process!
  • Customized Ziplock Bag: Your convenience is our priority. The party packs come with a ziplock bag, ensuring easy storage and distribution. What's more, we've added a custom birthday sticker to make each pack even more special. Personalize it with your child's name and birthday message for an extra touch of love.


        Why Choose Our Party Packs: 

        Stress-Free Preparation: As a busy parent, you already have a lot on your plate. Our party packs are designed to make your life easier. No need to worry about putting together party favors; we've got you covered. 


        *All Party Packs orders require a minimum order of 6 quantities (mix and match).

        About Air Dough:

        • Made of 100% non-toxic, natural ingredients
        • Comes in a resealable plastic container for repeated play
        • Allows young children to develop creative, tactile and sensorial learning
        • Silky soft, long lasting, non-sticky and easy to clean
        • Added glycerin to moisturize your child's hands moisturized and prevent the air dough from sticking to their tiny hands


        How to play with Air Dough:

        • After opening a new tub of Air Dough, knead your Air Dough with your hands till the glycerin is fully absorbed.
        • Always keep the Air Dough back into the airtight container after play
        • Mold the Air Dough with your hands or tools into any shape you want
        • Leaving the Air Dough in the open air for extended period of time will cause the Air Dough to become harden
        • If the Air Dough becomes hard and not as stretchy anymore, you can add drops of water and knead it back to life!
        • Protect your clothes during play as it might stick
        • Advised to throw away used Air Doughs after 3 months


        **Non-Edible. To be played with adult supervision. This product is designed to be played with and not eaten. 


        Advised to throw away after 3 months.


        Storage: Best stored in the airtight tub provided, kept in a cool and dry place. Keep away from sunlight.